Weekly Pages + Free Printables


Hi lovies! Time flies so fast right? Can you imagine it; almost half of February has past. It seems just like yesterday when I showed you my tutorial on how I made my weekly pages.

Because I can’t decide if I’m gonna switch to a horizontal layout or stick with my vertical ones, I made both.  And oh boy did I had a blast experimenting using both layouts 🙂

Here are my January pages:


Week 1 horizontal


Week 1 vertical


Week 2 horizontal


Week 2 Vertical


Week 3 horizontal


Week 3 Vertical


Week 4 Horizontal


Week 4 Vertical


Week 5 Horizontal


Week 5 Vertical

I had lots of fun using Project Life Cherry Edition, I can’t stop using it. I got the collection from digitalprojectlife.com 

For the past weeks since I posted pics of my weekly pages, I’ve received lots of planner love. So to give thanks to all of you who appreciated my work, I’m giving you dear lovies printables of my weekly pages. I’ve choose not to put in dates or calendars on the inserts so that you can use them all year round.

bluebird_vertical bluebird purpleheart_vertical purpleheart_horizontal cherry_vertical cherry_horizontal butterfly_vertical butterfly_horizontal

Hope you like them! Happy planning everyone  🙂



41 thoughts on “Weekly Pages + Free Printables

  1. I saw your tutorial on how to create our own templates and love this idea. Where did you get the cute monthly calendar pictures you use in the peek at the week pages?

  2. Hi May, I’ve been trying to download the vertical planner pages, but the files are virused. Not from you site, but through 4Shared… I’ve tried it 3 times and it put a big virus on my computer each time. Thought you’d want to know… Is there any way you can send me the .pdf file for the vertical pages, in an email? my email address is janda2thehardway@yahoo.com. Thank you so much!

  3. This is great! I have been wanting to make my own pages and was lost with software. I could have been doing it all along in Word! Loved your youtube tutorial, thanks 🙂

  4. I can’t seem to download them though 😦 4shared lets me download something else which is the iLivid program. I was looking for the file itself 😦

  5. Hello! Love your planners and youtube tutorial. Where did you get the monthly/yearly tabs on the weekly pages? Thanks!

    • Hi Belinda! I haven’t tried printing it on different sizes.. I only tried it in A5.. But I think you can print it on an A6. On the printer properties choose custom paper size then type in the dimensions of your planner. Then on the Page Sizing and Handling portion choose “Fit” or “Shrink oversized pages” . Hope that helps.. 🙂

  6. Hello there! When me and miBebe (my daughter) came across your blog and youtube channel, we’re like “OH MY GOD!”. We both stayed late last night doing our own planner! It has been my dream to customize my own planner and I didn’t realize it was that easy till I read your blog. I am currently making my own and am so excited for the outcome. Thank you so much for this 🙂

  7. Hallo may, just found your blog and so in love with your planner design. they’re just fantastic.. thank you for let them be downloaded ^_^

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